Jiangsu Get Recycling Technology Co,.Ltd

From the first time we discuss your plastic recycling requirements through ongoing machine operation and maintenance, we are your partner in solving all of your plastic recycling needs.

You're getting a lot more than just the good quality plastic recycling machines- you are getting the support of the most dedicated and passionate team if experts in the plastic recycling business.

Each GET washing line is studied and developed expressly for each customer, according to the specific characteristics of the input materials to be treated.

These prerogatives guarantee that our technologies are exactly and expressly suitable for the specific requirements and needs of each one of our customers.

Customized linesEuropean standard products quality

Rich experience of Plastic recycling
14 years in plastic recycling field. With deep research in operation our own plastic recycling factories and fiber factory.
Material characteristics analysis
Know well of material characteristics on the basis of more than 70 recycling projects all over the world.

Excellent productionGet affirmation in Japanese and European market for the equipment quality.
Machines must be able to accommodate all reasonable contaminates and conditions without catastrophic failure or unreasonable wear.
Reliable and durable
Detailed Real User feedback
With detailed user feedbacks for our machines and recycling lines, improve the machines and lines according to the feedbacks.
International Technical tea
Seeking the best solution for plastic recycling base on customer requirements and Industry trends with our international team.
SecurityWith CE standard,Ensure security protection both for operators and machines
With higher efficiency of recycling line, and better machines performance, like Utility consumption, the largest single cost of any recycling system is controlled.Lower consumption


Quick and thoughtful serviceStrong capability for system integration

Technical supportFor GET, all customers are our own partners in recycling projects. GET supply Fast and appropriate technical support taking care of mechanical, electrical and processing issues.

Spare partsEventual customized spare parts plans and support. Ensure spare parts can be delivered to customer with short time.
QuickresponseStanding visa for technicians,quick response and able to reach customer factory for service if needed.