Plastics Recycling Machinery Recycling Common Sense

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Plastic regeneration

The waste plastics will be heated and melted and recycled to recover the original properties of plastics, including performance less than the original requirements. Plastic regeneration can be divided into "pure regeneration" and "compound regeneration" two kinds.

Pure regeneration (Simple regeneration)

This refers to the use of resin production plants, plastic production plants, plastic machinery processing process produced scrap, gate, scrap and residue, including a number of single, batch, clean and only once used waste plastic, disposable packaging waste plastic, waste film, such as recycling plastic regeneration, as two times material source recycling.

In the waste plastic recycling process, for the simple regeneration, at present most plastic factory first will be the use of waste plastics factory, some plastic recycling granulation after use, some broken processing directly after the use, some neither broken nor granulation, the factory digestion.

Simply recycled material, that is to restore the original properties of plastic recycled material.

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