Plastics Recycling Applications

- Aug 18, 2017 -

RDF Technology was originally developed by the United States. In recent years, Japan, due to the inadequate landfill site, in the process of treating chlorine-containing waste plastics, HCI has serious corrosion to the boiler, and it will produce two pollution environment in the course of combustion, and the high calorific value of waste plastic mixes with the characteristics of the 20933kj/kg and granularity of all kinds of combustible waste, even if chlorine gets

Dilution, but also easy to store, transport and for other boilers, industrial furnaces to burn coal.

Blast furnace injection waste plastic technology is also the use of waste plastic heat value, the waste plastics as raw materials into the appropriate particle size injection into the blast furnace, to replace coke or coal powder of a new method of treatment of waste plastics. The application of waste plastics in blast furnace injection abroad shows that the utilization rate of waste plastics is 80%, the emission is 0.1%-1% of incineration volume, the harmful gas produced is less and the treatment cost is lower. The waste plastics technology of blast furnace is a new way for the comprehensive utilization of waste plastics and the treatment of "white pollution", and it also provides a new method for the energy saving and efficiency of metallurgical enterprises. Germany and Japan have been successful applications since 1995.


MSW solid-state fuel generation was first applied in the United States, and there are 37 RDF power stations, accounting for 21.6% of the garbage power station. Japan has realised the huge potential of waste plastics to generate electricity. Japan combined with major overhaul has converted some small refuse incineration stations to RDF production stations, in order to concentrate on continuous and efficient scale power generation, so that the steam power plant parameters from 30012 to 45012, power generation efficiency from the original 15% to 20%-25%.

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