Plastic Recycling Equipment

- Aug 18, 2017 -

pretreatment Equipment for plastics regeneration

The so-called waste plastic pretreatment refers to the classification of waste plastics, crushing, cleaning, dehydration and drying. Each link has its corresponding mechanical equipment, that is, pretreatment equipment. For example: Plastic crusher, plastic cleaning machine, plastic dehydration machine, of course, each device also has a variety of different models and characteristics, mainly based on plastic raw materials and output to choose the corresponding machinery.

Granulating Equipment for Plastics recycling

Plastic granulation refers to the crushing of plastic extrusion drawing cutting tablets, mainly plastic extrusion equipment and drawing cutting equipment. That is, we often say plastic granulator (plastic pellet machine) and plastic granulator. Similarly, the plastic granulation equipment used in different plastic raw materials and yields is also very varied.

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