Plastic Recycling And Vitality

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Plastics re-life is a general term for recycled plastics (daily and industrial plastics) for recycling and recycling machinery. Plastic pyrolysis technology is still only in the experimental research stage, so that the plastic recycling is mainly refers to waste plastic recovery granulation equipment, including pretreatment equipment and granulation equipment.

Waste plastic treatment is the traditional way of landfill and incineration, landfill not only need to occupy a large number of sites, if the anti-seepage measures are not appropriate, it is easy to make the leachate into the surrounding surface water or infiltration into the soil, the landfill surrounding the environment and the health of residents poses a serious long-term threat. The direct incineration of waste plastics may result in two of dioxin-polluted atmosphere, and the toxic and harmful substances in the ashes of burnt furnace are further enriched, which still need landfill or further harmless treatment. Therefore, after the separation of waste plastics for recycling is more advantageous, can be different plastic collection classification granulation used as recycled plastics, but also through the pyrolysis technology to restore the plastics to monomer polymerization, so as to achieve the recycling of resources. Recycling of waste plastics is environmentally friendly, while waste plastics recycling can be used two times to save resources.

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