Plastic Composite Regeneration

- Aug 18, 2017 -

The so-called waste plastic recycling, mainly refers to the collection of large quantities from the community, the variety of complex, impurities, pollution of the recycling of waste plastics. In these waste plastics, there are industrial and mining enterprises and agricultural scrap of plastic parts, packaging, fertilizer bags, cement bags, pesticide bottles, fish nets, agricultural film and packaging barrels, urban and rural people living in food bags, plastic bottles, toys, daily necessities and plastic products, such as cultural and sporting goods, there is a small amount of filler materials and plasticizers waste plastic. The compound regeneration of these miscellaneous, messy and dirty waste plastics is more complex.

Compound regeneration, mostly by township enterprises and small and medium-sized factories, but whether plastic recycling granulation for sale, or directly mixed into the production of products, as two of materials source, must be accurate classification selection, strict removal of impurities and oil, can be recycled raw materials in a certain proportion of mixed products used.

Composite recycled materials, the quality of which is generally lower than the pure recycled materials.

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