Development Of Plastic Products

- Aug 18, 2017 -

China needs a lot of plastic products every year, consumes a lot of energy, and waste plastics recycling and recycling, this is a low-carbon economic and social needs, but also an urgent need to face. And the emergence of recycled plastic machinery industry can be said to be "timely help", at the same time for the industry itself, this is a good opportunity, a good business opportunities.

The rise of an industry can not be separated from norms, over the past few years, for the waste plastic processing market environmental safety rectification action fire such as tea to carry out. The lack of recycled plastic machinery and the small scale of the imperfect workshop will face the pressure of survival. The production of products out of standard, will need to face punishment and social accountability. Recycled Plastics Machinery industry also needs to improve production technology, reduce environmental pollution, product quality and energy efficiency of the comprehensive consideration, in order to pursue a more comprehensive, more coordinated and more sustainable development, thus out of a single, high energy-consuming production model, embark on a combination, intelligent mode of production path.

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