Development Of High-density Polyethylene

- Aug 18, 2017 -

This century has taken place a revolutionary progress in the pipeline field, namely "to Plastic generation steel". With the rapid progress of polymer materials science and technology, the development of plastic pipe, the continuous improvement of production technology, plastic pipe to show its excellent performance. Today, plastic tubing is no longer mistaken for "cheap substitutes" for metal tubing. In this revolution, polyethylene pipe is favored, and increasingly dazzling brilliance, widely used in gas transportation, water supply, sewage, agricultural irrigation, fine particle solid transportation of mines, as well as oil fields, chemicals and telecommunications and other fields, especially in the gas transport has been widely used.

HDPE is a thermoplastic polyolefin produced by ethylene copolymerization. Although HDPE was introduced in 1956, the plastic has not reached its maturity level. This generic material is also constantly developing its new uses and markets.

China's domestic high-density polyethylene (HDPE does not include high-density polyethylene plant production of high-density polyethylene) manufacturers have PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC three major enterprises, as of the end of 2006, belong to the high density polyethylene plant has 4 sets, namely, Lanzhou Petrochemical high-density polyethylene plant, daqing petrochemical high-density polyethylene plant, Liaoyang petrochemical high-density polyethylene plant, Jilin Petrochemical high-density polyethylene plant.

High-density polyethylene is usually made of Ziegler-natta, which is characterized by the absence of branched chains on the molecular chain, so that the molecular chain is structured and has a high density. The process is based on ethylene as raw material in tubular or autoclave reactor, and polymerization reaction is initiated by oxygen or organic peroxide.

High-density ethylene is an environmental protection material, heating up to the melting point, you can recycle and reuse. Plastic raw materials can be divided into two major categories: "Thermoplastic plastic" (thermoplastic) and "thermosetting plastic" (thermosetting), "thermosetting plastic" is heated to a certain temperature after becoming a curing state, even if continue to heat can not change its status, therefore, there are environmentally friendly products are "thermosetting plastic" products (such as tires), not "thermoplastic" products (such as plastic pallet Note: Pallets in Hong Kong and Macao is known as "plywood"), Therefore, not all "plastic" is not environmentally friendly.

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