Sources of renewable resources

- Aug 18, 2017 -

The large categories of recycled plastics are plastic film (including plastics packaging bags and agricultural sheeting), plastic wire and woven products, foam plastic products, plastic packaging boxes and containers, cable cladding and a variety of daily necessities, entertainment, health care, such as daily-use plastic products, film, foam, packaging and containers, woven, sheet and other plastic products are mainly used in plastic packaging. In addition, there are some other plastic packaging products (such as plastic pallets), agricultural plastic products (such as agricultural plastic water-saving equipment), decorative plastic products scrap rate is also higher.

Plastic packaging consumption of 6.344 million tons in 2004, 2005 years more than 7 million tons, it is estimated that at least 80% in one years abandoned, is the main source of recycled plastics. This is similar to foreign countries, such as the 2001 British Plastic Packaging Recycling volume of plastic total recovery of 91.2%. In addition, there are some recycling value is not large or high recovery costs, such as plastic composite, ultra-thin packaging materials, plastic film, disposable plastics and other environmental impact can not be ignored.

However, such as plastic pipe fittings, profiles, reinforced impervious geotextile materials (including waterproof membrane) and other structural plastic building materials in recent years, the use of large growth, the actual service life is longer, not a lot of scrap period, so this part of the waste is not large.

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