Recycling of scrap Auto plastic parts

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Electronic appliances supporting the use of plastic parts has reached more than 1 million tons, in the industry supporting, information, transportation, aerospace and other fields of wide application, product upgrading quickly. As such products gradually enter a large number of scrap period, become an important source of waste plastics.

The biggest advantage of using plastic to make auto parts is to reduce the weight of the car, save the cost and process, improve some performance of the car, the developed country has more than 100kg average automotive plastics, scrap will bring the recycling of vehicle plastic resources and reasonable treatment of the environment.

According to the automobile industry authoritative experts analysis, 2005 China's car production amounted to 5.7 million, 2006 years of total car demand of 6.5 million vehicles. The average use of automobile plastics in China reaches 70 and consumes more than 400,000 tons annually. Automotive plastic varieties are: PVC, PP, PE, PU, ABS, PA, Pom and so on. With the increase of car scrap volume, the car used plastic and household appliances and electronic appliances as a steady increase in the amount of plastic, its recycling and reuse as the focus of the source of waste plastics, treatment principles similar. By 2012, our country's automobile plastic need will reach about 800,000 tons. As a result, the task will be more and more arduous for the recycling and recycling of scrap auto plastic parts.

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