Recycled raw Materials

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Recycled raw Materials

The rise in global crude oil prices, as one of the oil derivatives of the price of plastic products are naturally rising, waste plastics recycling has also been mentioned as the first place. Recycling of waste plastics has been widely used in modern industrial enterprises. Waste plastics after manual screening classification, but also through crushing, granulation, modification and other processes, into a variety of transparent opaque plastic particles, and then according to the classification of the appearance, and finally become renewable materials can be reused.


At first, large amount of waste was caused by landfill or incineration in plastic recycling. Therefore, the use of waste plastics in the blast furnace injection instead of coal, oil and coke, used in cement rotary kiln instead of coal-fired cement, as well as the production of solid-form waste fuel (RDF) for power generation, the effect is ideal.

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